Cesar works for more than 12 anos in service of societal development and organizations facilitating processes of change. 

He is a guest professor in innovation schools and social change schools such and Amani Institute, Perestroika, Laje, Echos Escola Design Thinking, Youth Climate Leaders, Amazon Summer School, among others.

He created and co-facilitated the program Experience of Dialogue (2008-2014) at the São Paulo School of Dialogue.
He also created the Essence of Facilitation program for developing facilitation capacities based on Goethean Phenomenology.

Former partner of Tellus Group where he conceived the pioneering methodology for public service design centered on citizens. 

Public Administrator from Fundação Getulio Vargas. He has dedicated his studies on Goethean Phenomenology with Allan Kaplan and Sue Davidoff (Proteus Initiative), Craig Holdrege e Henrike Holdrege (Nature Institute) and Paul Van Dijk. Previously he has had a background with Theory U, Psychodrama, Dialogue, Non Violent Communication, Coordinated Management of Meaning, among others.

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